Þetta eru myndirnar sem slógu í gegn á Instagram í vikunni: “What should I name him?”


Íslendingar eru duglegir á samfélagsmiðlum og einn af þeim vinsælustu er Instagram. Nútíminn tók saman það helsta sem Íslendingar birtu á miðlinum í liðinni viku.

Sjáðu myndirnar hér að neðan.

Annie Mist er í topp formi 


Svala virðist bara yngjast með árunum

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Gig tonight 👾

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Treystu mér!


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Treystu mér🤫

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Ragga Ragnars geislaði í myndatöku

Aron Einar og Kristbjörg flytja til Qatar

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So the news are out and as some of you know we’ll be moving to Qatar in the summer. I know this might sound dramatic haha but I’m actually tearing up as I’m writing this😢 I’m really excited for a change but at the same time so sad to be leaving here. I have lived here 6 years now, both of our boys were born here, we have a beautiful house here, we have gotten to know and have people in our life and some that we see everyday that I’m absolutely gutted to be leaving😭 Cardiff, Porthcawl and of course Brynna, has been a “home” to us and we’ll be forever grateful for all the amazing people we have gotten to know here so far 🙌🏼 Its not the end of it though cause we have made friends for life💙 _ Last few weeks have been quite busy organising the moving, putting our house on sale 😭 and packing so it has kept me quite busy😅 _ I’m really proud and excited for Arons next step in his career and grateful for being a part of it😘 It will be a big change but as long as our little family is together I take new adventures with open arms👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💙 _ But lets not forget its not the end of our Cardiff journey and we are not going just yet…There are still few games left and I know Aron is concentrating on finishing them, helping his team to stay up in the PL. He has been here 8 years now and his love for the club, the staff, the fans and the team mates is so real💯 I know he’ll give everything he’s got and finish his last season here strong💪🏼 _ We’ll be enjoying every single day we have left here🙌🏼 @arongunnarsson

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Sólrún Diego henti í selfie

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Sunneva Einars fékk sér dreka húðflúr

Fullt hús hjá Ólafi Arnalds

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Takk fyrir Barcelona! ❤️

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I will be back!

Daði er margra handa maður

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Allt að gerast!

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Kjúklinga Alfredo Pizza

Spaghetti Carbonara