17 virkilega MANNLEG mistök – sem gætu hent okkur fæst! – MYNDIR


Við erum flest mannleg. Og því fylgir að gera mistök að því er virðist vera.

Hér má sjá nokkrar manneskjur sem hafa þjáðst af slíku.

Wrong way around: A hilarious photograph illustrates a girl opening the oven with an oven glove, but using her bare hands to touch the boiling oven rackAtypical snack: Or this burger, where the cheese is smeared on top of the bun rather than inside Bad day: One of the top shared posts on the Internet shows a Dyson hand drier filled with paper towelsFusion food: Or for anyone who has misinterpreted this meaning of hybrid food Totally confusing: For anyone who has ever tied themselves in knots over their tights Angry traveller: This man seems rather annoyed by how this man is wearing his earphones incorrectlySlam dunk: Or this guy, whose barrel fail is not quite what he was hoping for Watch out: Someone might have done well to tell this driver to watch out Round-up: Because sometimes you're not the only one who manages to misread, misinterpret or quite simply ignore the instructions, take solace in this selection of other people's failsFlat pack: Many people enjoyed this attempt to construct an IKEA chair Scary stuff: We've all dodged the instructions on one occasion or another - but sometimes, we try really hard but still don't get the desired result (above) Stay away: Looks like this dog has had fun chewing this bottleBrilliant or fail: While it is possible that the creator of this dish was in fact performing the little-known baking hack of making cookie-shaped cups to fill with ice cream, it is also perfectly conceivable that the baker has entirely missed the point of the trayNo matter where: It pays to remember that someone is always having a worse day than you - like this innocent car driver Bad result: Similarly, for those who struggle with opening tins, the snap of a tin, a tin opener and its various parts splayed across a kitchen surface might elicit a chuckleNot quite right: As for anyone who has had to lock a bike to a post and struggled, you might enjoy the photograph of a lock chained to a lamppost, while the bike remains free



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