Keppendur í „Miss BumBum“ í Brasilíu trufluðu UMFERÐ þegar þær gengu niður götur til að auglýsa keppnina!

Miss BumBum í Brasilíu er keppni sem er haldin árlega. Þarna keppa stelpur um hver er með flottasta rassinn. Nú verður úrslitakeppnin í nóvember og keppendurnir eru á fullu að auglýsa keppnina. Þær gengu saman í hóp niður götur í Sao Paulo og trufluðuð umferð í leiðinni þar sem það var engin leið fyrir bíla að komast framhjá.

Models take part in the promotion of the Miss Bumbum  beauty pageant, along Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo

Brazilian model Rubia Machado (L), representative of the state of Tocantins and who had her leg amputated after being run over by an ex-boyfriend years ago, is one of the entrants

The annual Bumbum pageant to select the nation's sexiest female buttocks will be held on November, 6

All of the girls will be hoping that winning the competition will change their lives

Lapping up the attention, the girls cheer as they pose for photos in the empty streets of Sao Paulo

Only 15 of the finest contestants will be voted into the final, which will be held in November 

The ladies were out on the streets promoting the competition's online voting stage to see who will be in the finalMiss BumBum is now in its eighth year where 27 women will compete to be named as having Brazil's best bottom

Hopefuls in the annual Miss Bumbum contest, Brazil's most popular beauty pageant, brought traffic to a standstill as they ran down the famous Avenida Paulista, the main street of the country's biggest city Sao Paulo 

The raunchy race marked the start of the eighth year of the competition, in which the women, each representing a Brazilian state, are whittled down to 15 who then battle it out in a live final

The traffic stopping 27 finalists marched through the streets in trainers so as best to parade their enviable figures