Par keypti gamlan trukk og BREYTTI honum í ferðaheimili fyrir slikk – Lítur betur út en flestar íbúðir! – MYNDIR


Sumir kaupa sér bara húsbíla og ferðast um heiminn í staðinn fyrir að eiga íbúð.

Iona og Martin ákváðu að ganga skrefinu lengra og fá sér alvöru ferðaheimili. Þau keyptu gamlan trukk og gerðu hann upp fyrir slikk – og nú lítur hann betur út en flestar íbúðir.

This is Iona Stewart and Martin Hill – a couple from Nottingham who are both keen snowboarders

Recently, the travelling couple decided to buy an old Hovis delivery truck which they could use both for travelling and living

They bought it on Ebay for a mere £3,600 (approximately $4,670)


The couple spent £20,000 (about $25,900) on the renovation

This is what the renewed truck looks like. Martin and Iona plan on living in it and saving money on accommodation while traveling through Europe

Although from the outside, it doesn’t look anything special…

…the inside of the truck has been transformed into a cozy and comfortable home

The house is fully furnished and has everything you might need

While Martin did most of the labouring, Iona designed the interior of the truck

“About four years ago after a few too many beers I thought about buying a big American RV” – Martin said

“We bought the lorry in May this year. We spent four months working on it full-time”

“We are really lucky to not have to work and we did everything ourselves”

“It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it”

The couple even designed the place on two different levels

The bedroom is furnished with a double bed and stylish furniture

The storage space has been carefully planned so that the two young travelers can fit all their belongings there

This is the shower room of the truck, where the couple are now living

The space inside the truck is separated by doors to make it cozy and practical

The couple’s home is full of little stylish and artistic details

The two are currently in France, enjoying the views of the mountains

They have no plans to return to the United Kingdom just yet, and intend to continue travelling



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