Vantar þig hugmyndir fyrir AUGABRÚNIRNAR? – Hér er nokkur dæmi! – MYNDIR


Frumlegar, djarfar og ögrandi. Augabrúnatískan er töff og viðeigandi.

Líkt og sjá má á myndunum hér fyrir neðan:

It looks as though this teenager decided to shave tracks through his eyebrows just in time for his school photographA lot of time and effort appears to have gone into creating this hair-eyebrow lookThe first monobrow of the collection and it matches the lip liner and heavy eyeliner perfectly


This man decided to make a statement in his mugshot and had the words 'wrongfully convicted' tattooed on Taking a leaf out of Lily Collins's brow book, this person has decided that a bushy brow is a better browAnother mugshot shows a female with dots instead of brows but they do appear to be quite even on either sideIf you really love your cats then you can have them tattooed onto your face instead of eyebrows These eyebrows look very similar to spiders legs - but bigger If you want to do your eyebrows quickly, simply use a sharpie to draw them on This woman's eyebrows appear to have been slightly smudged off  and up her faceGiving up on her eyebrows halfway through, this female decided to draw dots insteadIf you don't have any eyebrows, then you can always have flowers tattooed on insteadOne female decided to play around with her brows and made one bigger than the other These eyebrows have been drawn on so close that they are almost, very nearly, touchingTo achieve this look, all you need is a pen or a very sharpened pencil. You then just draw a straight line from one end of your eye to the otherShe might have matched her eyeshadow with her top but her eyebrows definitely clash



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