20 undarlegar bílabreytingar sem fá þig til að spyrja – „Hver bað um þetta?“ – MYNDIR


Þessar bílabreytingar eru svo ótrúlega undarlegar að maður skilur þær bara engan veginn.

Aðal spurningin er: „Hver bað eiginlega um þetta?“

1. This person changed their car into a hippo, and holy shit.

2. This person painted fake blood across the back of their car — and promptly got pulled over for it.

3. This person apparently wants their shiny new car to look rusted and old.

4. This person covered their Mercedes in velvet. Unclear what happens when it rains.

5. This guy customized his car…but into something a little TMI.

6. This driver must really, really like watermelon.

7. This person turned their Volkswagen into a Fishwagen.

8. This person made their entire car chrome, and you might need sunglasses just to look at it.

9. This driver added the CREEPIEST POSSIBLE DECOR to the back of their hearse.

10. This person converted their car into an upside-down truck, and it’s kind of a mindfuck to look at.

11. This motorcyclist converted their bike into a lobster.

12. This driver outfitted their Hummer with…wooden wagon wheels.

13. Something tells me this person might be a fan of Spongebob.

14. This driver converted their rear wheel into Road Runner, which is actually kinda clever TBH.

15. This person covered their entire car with real, fuzzy cow hide, and it’s a lot to process.

16. This person converted their car into a soda cup from 1995.

17. This person covered their entire truck in astroturf, which is quite a look.

18. This person turned their car into a pink, fuzzy cat, complete with whiskers and ears.

19. This person converted their car interior to a grandmother’s living room.

20. This driver gave their Nissan teeth.

… og ein svona auka – This driver turned their car into a shrine for their dogs, and I’m honestly 100% fine with it.



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