Ef þú átt börn þá skilur þú hvað er í gangi á þessum myndum!


Foreldrar segja að það breyti lífi þínu til frambúðar að eignast börn.

Miðað við þessar myndir þá trúi ég alveg þeirri fullyrðingu …

Messy: The page has more than 167,000 followers who can relate to the childrens' antics, that include covering themselves in ketchup

Flour power: The pantry staple is recipe for disaster, with one young boy licking it off the floor alongside his dog


Feeling blue: Why eat cake when you can smear the frosting all over your face?

Just a bite: One young boy dove headfirst in to the gingerbread house, ruining it for everyone else

Spaghetti and shoes: One young girl put her foot in it, quite literally, when she placed her shoe in her dinner

'Who wore it peanut better?' Peanut butter is fun to smear all over your body, just ask these two

Hidden veg: One fussy eater chose to hide his peas in his ear, but was unfortunately found out 

Tangled mess: Getting the sticky-tape out of this child's hair will be a lot less fun than it was getting it stuck in

Expensive habit: This boy ruined his mum's expensive MAC lipsticks, and doesn't seem to care

Mullet princess: One little girl, dressed as a fairytale princess, cut her hair in a mullet

Trouble: One mother was not happy to find her son had smeared her new bronzing powder all over his bed

Pretty in pink: Raiding their mothers' beauty cabinets was too much fun for some kids



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