Systur græða 3 milljónir á mánuði á bíkiní myndum á Instagram



'Belfie Queens': The absolutely enormous bums on these two curvy twins net them over £20,000 a month


The Argentinian pair, from Miami Florida, can afford to sustain a life of luxury. They have even had over £41,000 worth of surgery completely free because they advertised the results on social media

The sisters takes selfies on their bed on April 30, they take up to 150 pictures of themselves every day

Nadia and Dana enjoy the sunshine by the pool where they live in Miami Florida. They are looking to expand their business

Nadia posing for a modelling shot. She has recently begun posting on the 'Supe' app, where users pay for pictures and video clips

Nadia said the app, which has only existed for two months, is similar to SnapChat but each image or video has a price

Dana taking selfies at home. Both of the women insist they still had sizeable posteriors to start with

Dana claims they were blessed with their curvy bodies due to their Latin and Brazilian blood making it easy for them to keep their bottoms well-toned

The sisters had to transfer three kilograms of fat from other areas of their bodies to adequately enlarge their bottoms

Working out: The sisters say they now see the fact they are viewed as sexual objects by men as a 'blessing'

The duo insist that they want to help women as well aiming to lift their self-esteem and give them a hand

One of Dana's selfies: Not everyone online is a fan and the twins say they have received abusive comments

Nadia reveals her dramatic transformation: She says they have had problems with 'haters' lots of times

The twins say that they still keep up a private life outside of taking hundreds of pictures for their business

The models know their image is not going to last forever so plan to keep modelling while they still can


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