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Her Shadow Was Following Her. And I Did Nothing About It. So I'm An #assholeparent

I Accidentally Called Her By Her Real Name, Instead Of,

I'm An #assholeparent Because I Wouldn't Let Him Eat Goat Poop 


He Couldn't Go Backwards Up The Hill, Gravity Wouldn't Allow That, So I'm The #assholeparent

Mother's Day 2015. I'm The #assholeparent Because I Didn't Get Her A Mother's Day Present

I'm An #assholeparent Because I Won't Let Him Ride The Dog Like A Horse

I'm An #assholeparent Because The Waves Were Too Strong And I Couldn't Make Them Stop

I Wouldn't Let Him Run Around The Restaurant With A Knife, So I'm An #assholeparent

I Am An #assholeparent Because I Made Her Go To Story Time At The Library Where There Is Music And Toys And Snacks And Friends
Would Not Let Him Eat His Father's Deodorant, So I'm An #assholeparent
I Did The Old Mime Trick Of Pulling Off Her Nose. Now She Thinks It's Gone Forever. I'm An #assholeparent
I'm An #assholeparent Because I Wouldnt Let Him Drive The Car
I Wouldn't Let Him Put The Toilet Brush In His Mouth. Clearly I Am An #assholeparent
I Wouldn't Close Him In The Refrigerator. Sorry Lil Bud, Mommy's An #assholeparent
1. Leni Is Pissed She Has To Share TV Time With Fin 2. Fin Is Pissed At Pretty Much Everything 3. Archer Is Pissed At The Fact I Actually Have To Be A
She Wanted A Ponytail, But She Doesn't Have Enough Hair. So I'm An #assholeparent

I'm An #assholeparent Because What I Called

I'm An #assholeparent Because I Wouldn't Let Her Throw The Car Keys Into The Sound

I Didn't Want To Serve Her Warm Dinner On Top Of My Old, Smelly, Dirty Tennis Shoes

I Asked Him If He Wanted Milk Or Juice So I'm An #assholeparent

I'm An #assholeparent Tonight Because I Wouldn't Remove The Hearts From Her Pajamas

I Started Singing Some Gwen Stefani. And He Ain't No Hollaback Girl. So I'm Assholeparent
Asked Her To Carry Her Own Bag. So I'm An #assholeparent
I Wouldn't Let Her Touch The Dog's Poop. So I'm #assholeparent
I Wouldn't Let Him Drink My Beer So I'm An Asshole. #assholeparent
I Wouldn't Let Him Drink Soap So I'm An #assholeparent


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