Hröð viðbrögð tánings björguðu lífi 2ja ára barns – Góðu fréttirnar sem við þurfum akkúrat núna!


Hún Lydiamarie Marino deildi þessari færslu í opna Facebook hópnum Kindness Community og færslan átti svo sannarlega heima þar.

Hröð viðbrögð tánings björguðu lífi 2ja ára barns og þetta er svona ekta frétt sem við þurfum akkúrat núna miðað við hvað er að gerast í heiminum.

This is my friend’s 17 year old nephew, Tanner. Yesterday he was enjoying a day at Scissortail Park with his mother and younger siblings when he noticed a person struggling in the pond. Tanner’s mom said he did a quick double take then without a word he was running toward the water. She had no idea what was happening but Tanner knew someone needed him. His instincts took over and this guy saved a drowning 2 year old!!! He suffered a head injury in the process and had to have staples. Police, fire and medics responded and the child’s mother cried uncontrollably with gratitude. Tanner is humble, compassionate and really does not understand how much heartbreak his actions have saved a family. Share this story!! We need some feel good!!! ❤️



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