10 börn sem sáu um sína eigin KLIPPINGU – Myndir

Mjög hagstætt þegar börnin sjá bara um að klippa sig sjálf!

Er það ekki … ?


Boy Gives Himself A Cut With Dad's Razor


Before Bedtime One Night, After He Turned Off His Electric Tooth Brush, From The Other Room We Heard A Different Buzzing And Realized Too Late That Our 5yr Old Found My Husband's Beard Trimmer


This Was My Oldest Son's Creation When He Was 6. I Woke Up To This And I Didn't Know If I Wanted To Laugh Or Cry


Justin Cut His Own Hair


Jimmy Decided To Cut His Own Hair With Scissors So I Said I'd Sort It Out With The Clippers


Whoopsie Daisy


His Older Brother Thought That This Was Funny. His Father Does Too


My Client's Daughter Cut Her Own Hair. I Am A Hairdresser. She Asked Me If I Could Fix It. Nope


He Wanted A Mohawk. He Used "Daddy's Brush" Aka Clippers


He Wanted His Hair To Match His Daddy's! I Found Him In The Playroom With My Peanut Trimmers Cutting Off All His Pretty Red Hair