20 myndir sem sanna að karlmenn verða ALDREI fullorðnir!


Það er sagt að karlmenn draga fæturnar þegar kemur að því að verða fullorðnir – en hversu mikið er til í því?

Ja, þessar myndir sýna að það er bara heilmikið til í því:


We're Adults And We Get To Decide What That Means: The Home Depot Edition


He Gets A Little Bored On Fridays


There Was A Storm During The Eclipse So He Improvised


My Boyfriend Ordered 500 Googly Eyes "For Reasons" And This Is One Of The First Things He Did


Trying To Impress My Wife With New Overpriced Smart Bulbs, Forgot Our Security Cam Was Recording


My 90-Year-Old Grandfather At His Battlestation. He Was The Person Who Introduced Me To Several Tech Things, Such As A PC, An iPad, And A Tesla


My Dad Thought He Was Home Alone. I Had To See Why He Was Laughing So Hard


Caught My Husband Red-Handed. Thought He Was Working Out


My Husband Is No Longer Allowed To Go To The Craft Store Alone

#10 Hann gifti sig og eiginkonan sagði að hann mætti bara taka alvarlegar myndir með svaramönnunum sínum

I Got Married Last Week, My Wife Wanted Me To Only Take Serious Pictures With My Groomsmen


Heard My Husband Telling The Dog To Stay Still In The Kitchen, Walked In And This Greeted Me


Look At All These Kids


My Friend's Dad Is In Boston Sightseeing Today


My Wife Bought New Couch Pillows You Can Draw On. Immature Me Couldn't Resist


Farting Boyfriend Causes Neighbors To Call Police


My Friend And I Were House-Sitting And The Owners Asked Us If We Were Doing Anything Fun. Queue The Man-Child Photo Shoot


My Buddy Wins Father's Day Today. - "I Woke Up Today With A Missed Call From My Mom And About 15 Tags To Beat The Cheerio Stack Record. 10 Hours Later It Has Been Broken"


Fixed Our Bathroom Picture. Wife Is Not Amused


Some People Never Grow Up


When You Ask Your Boyfriend To Take Your Photo



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