11 frægar Hollywood stjörnur REYKJA í laumi á meðan þær selja heilbrigðan lífstíl – MYNDIR!

Það getur verið erfitt að selja heilbrigðan lífsstíl – því það þýðir að þú þarft að LIFA lífsstílinn sjálf/-ur.

Þessar þekktu Hollywood-stjörnur hafa allar fengist við það á einn eða annan hátt að selja heilbrigðan lífsstíl. Í gegnum bækur, myndbönd og íþróttavörur.

Svo óheppilega vill til að þær hafa allar laumast til að fá sér eina rettu. Og til gamans má geta að reykingar eru sérlega krabbameinsvaldandi – fyrir utan að geta valdið hjarta og æðasjúkdómum.


Actress Kate Hudson, 36, recently finished a tour of Europe and the U.S. to promote her book: Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways To Love Your Body
But there’s no chapter on smoking, a habit mum-of-two Kate has had off and on for years


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as three personal trainers (two in the U.S., one here), follows a strict regime of organic salads and smoothies, and claims her lithe figure is thanks to water

And the odd cigarette?


Gwyneth’s lifestyle blog extols the virtues of healthy living, as do her cookbooks

But Paltrow admits to her bad habit: ‘My one light American Spirit that I smoke once a week, on Saturday night.’


Being pictured smoking hasn’t stopped Mel B releasing plenty of fitness DVDs, including a three-disc series in 2008 entitled ‘Totally Fit Mel B

Spice Girl Mel B, 40, has been pictured smoking many times

Singer Ellie, 29, last year teamed up with Nike to promote their sportswear (pictured) and launch a series of online exercise tutorials

Smoking is unlikely to do much to boost her three-octave soprano voice, though


Sports label Reebok recently unveiled model and former Strictly Come Dancing champion Abbey Clancy, 30, as their new poster girl

It’s a far cry from pictures of Abbey puffing away on a street in Mayfair


Melanie Sykes, 45, is a one-time ‘fitness ambassador’ for sportwear label Ellesse and supporter of a BUPA-backed exercise app

But she also admits to being a smoker


Coronation Street actress Kym is currently promoting her Power Sculpt DVD (pictured)

Back in 2001 Kym claimed to have quit her 20-a-day habit, yet she is pictured right having a cigarette outside a bar in Manchester


Kate Beckinsale, 42, practises qigong — a discipline involving breathing and moving that’s similar to tai chi. The Hollywood actress is also such a devotee of yoga that she gave a class live on U.S. television

Oddly enough, there was no mention in the TV class of the effect that smoking can have on your breathing


Katherine Heigl, 37, is often snapped by paparazzi hitting the gym

She's also been caught smoking cigarettes (pictured, in 2015), though she's said she tried to quit


Katie Holmes, 37, might keep fit, but she also puffs on cigarettes from time to time

Katie Holmes, 37, might keep fit, but she also puffs on cigarettes from time to time