20 manns deila FYNDNUSTU myndinni sem þau eiga með systkinum sínum!

Ef að þú átt systkini þá veistu að það er blanda af því besta og því versta sem til er – en sem betur fer meira af því besta.

Hér eru 20 manns sem ákváðu að deila fyndnustu myndinni sem þau eiga með systkinum sínum:

So I Heard You Guys Like Awkward Family Photos And Pictures Of Pets. Well, Check This Out

This Is A Photo Of Me With My Sisters

Here’s My Brother With His Hockey Trophy And Medal, And Then There’s Me. Proudly Showing Off My Onion Ring

For Christmas One Year My Mom Made My Brother And I Outfits From The Drapes That Came With Our Beautiful Couch

My Oldest Brother And I Have Such Similar Looking Faces That Even With Our Faces Swapped, We Still Look The Same

My Mom And Her Sisters. They Were Told Not To Blink (1978)

Much Heavier Than The Dolls She Practiced On

This Is How My 2.5 Year Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother

This Is A Picture Of My Sister And I As A Princess And Knight Riding „Horses“ Halloween ’93

I Never Truly Understood What It’s Like To Grow Up With Siblings Until I Found This Gem Of A Photo In My Wife’s Family Album

Exactly 27 Years Ago, My Mom Took The Perfect Picture Of Me And My Sister. Some Things Never Change

My Sisters And I Went Through A ‘Sound Of Music’ Phase When We Were Younger. Yes Those Are Our Underpants

The Photographer Told Me To Show More Teeth

I Want That Fish! Son Improvises Without Fishing Gear, Yanks Carp Outta Lake, Shocks Both Fish And Sister

Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day

I Really Didn’t Want To Hold Them

Apparently This Was The Best Photo They Could Get For My First Christmas

The Permullets

Just Found This Cute Picture Of Me And My Psycho Brother In The Background

Don’t Look Back