24 skipti sem SNAPCHAT átti skilið að lifa lengur en 24 klukkustundir!


Sumt Snapchat á ekki skilið að eyðast bara út eins og ekkert sé.
Sem betur fer voru þessi 24 snöpp vistuð.
When it was hilarious and beautiful and poetic, all at the same time.
When we could all collectively weep for this person.

When it got a little too real.

But was beautifully observant.

When it hit you right in the feels.

And then made you piss yourself laughing.


Especially when it comes to food.

When it introduced us to this man.

And this dedicated selfie-taker.

When it brought us coincidences that were way too good.

And life began to imitate art.

When it was a safe space for people with a dirty mind.

And perfect for people with dark humour.

When it perfectly summed up most of our love lives.

And finally when little Jimmy got owned.



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